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Luna 10G is now available

10G Fiber Now Available on SafeNet Luna Network HSM 7
We have now introduced 10G fiber network connectivity for SafeNet Luna Network HSM A790 and S790 models. This new option satisfies organizations standardizing data centers on 10G fiber.

The SafeNet Luna Network HSMs are now available in the following configurations:

New offering: 2x10G SFP+ ports with fiber optic transceivers and 2x1G RJ45 ports with port bonding; or
Existing offering: 4x1G RJ45 ports with port bonding.
For more information read through the SafeNet Luna Network HSM 7 product brief or contact your Thales representative.

Key Secure – End Of Sale

חברת THALES מכריזה על End Of Sale למוצר KeySecure , מחליפו Key Secure Next Generation או בשמו החדש Cipher Trust Manager 

This notification is to alert you that we are beginning the End-of-Life (EOL) process for the following SafeNet KeySecure (Classic KeySecure) appliances.

  • Physical KeySecure K250, K450, K460 appliances
  • Virtual KeySecure V8.X, k150v 8.x, k450v 8.x

Classic KeySecure will reach End-of-Sale effective 30-Jun-2020, and End-of-Life by 31-Dec-2023. 

Please refer to this External Communication for more details (log in required).

Utimaco רוכשת את GEOBRIDGE ומוצר ניהול המפתחות

Aachen, Germany and Campbell (CA), USA, April 2, 2020 – Utimaco, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, successfully completed the acquisition of GEOBRIDGE. Following the announcement of the acquisition at this year’s RSA conference, the acquisition was approved by the authorities as part of the CFIUS process on March 9 and is legally effective as of March 31. With the completed acquisition, all GEOBRIDGE employees and customers will be integrated into Utimaco’s Information Security division with immediate effect.

GEOBRIDGE’s solutions expand Utimaco’s key management portfolio for the financial industry. Through the combined skillsets and solutions of the two companies, Utimaco and GEOBRIDGE customers will benefit from an improved, high-quality service and an extended range of integrated products. The addition of GEOBRIDGE’s KeyBRIDGE product brand and platform seamlessly complements Utimaco’s hardware security module Atalla, allowing for the injection and management of cryptographic keys in a corporate context.

“Today is an important milestone for Utimaco, as the acquisition enables the company to transition from being a product to solution provider,” says Stefan Auerbach, CEO of Utimaco. “With our combination of powerful technology and highly qualified employees, we can effectively support businesses as they optimize the management of their cryptographic keys, ensuring the security and integrity of their data and transactions. Especially at this time, when many people working remotely access corporate systems from outside and many digital services are used, the security of data and the protection of access rights is particularly important”.

חברת ARX מכריזה על End Of Life לשרתי ה HSM

This FAQ refers to the PrivateServer HSM product, also known as DocuSign HSM Appliance (“HSM Appliance”), and its related services and contracts.

What is happening with HSM Appliance?

DocuSign is exiting the HSM business and, as a result, HSM Appliance comes to the end of its life cycle, including End-of-Sale, End-of-Support, and End-of-Life. DocuSign will make best efforts to assist customers with the migration to other HSM offerings of their choosing.